Cargo Carriage by road from China is one of the best options for delivering goods from China to the Far Eastern regions of Russia. It provides a balanced ratio of terms, cost and quality of transportation.


Delivery of goods by road from China

Cargo carriage by road is one of the best options for delivering goods from China to the Far Eastern regions of Russia. It provides a balanced ratio of terms, cost and quality of transportation. Trucks are suitable for transporting both large lots of products and groupage cargo. Most often, vehicles are used for the delivery of bulky and relatively light goods - clothing, footwear, accessories, computer equipment and electronics, food, spare parts and components, consumer goods.

Advantages of cargo carriage from China to Russia by road:

  • possibility of transportation on a "door-to-door" basis. The cargo is loaded into a vehicle at the sender's warehouse and delivered directly to the consignee, without stops at transit points and additional loading and unloading operations. This reduces the risk of damage or theft of goods during carriage, and also increases the efficiency of logistics processes; short delivery terms. Transportation between the border regions of the PRC and the Russian Federation takes in average 2-3 days;
  • the ability to adapt quickly to changing road and weather conditions. If necessary, the trucking route can be adjusted to prevent delays on the way;
  • wide geographical coverage. Vehicles can deliver goods to settlements where there are no other types of transport links; safety. Goods are transported in closed bodies, which reliably protect them from environmental influences and theft. Cargo insurance is carried out for additional security and guaranteed damage compensation in case of force majeure;
  • convenience of loading and unloading. The design of vehicles is optimized for loading goods using standard warehouse equipment. Tilt covered trucks allow, if necessary, not only rear but also side and top loading.

For special types of cargo, special conditions of transportation are required, and therefore, among road transport, you can find a suitable specialized type. These can be: refrigerators; platforms for oversized cargo; car carriers; tilt trailers.

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How much does it cost to ship goods from China?

The cost of transportation of groupage and general cargo lots is calculated individually, since it depends on:

  • weight and size characteristics of the goods - the tariff is recalculated at prices depending on the gross weight of the transported cargo or its volume, therefore these characteristics are taken into account first of all;
  • type of cargo - it is allowed to transport perishable, oversized, heavy, dangerous cargo lots that differ in storage conditions and delivery methods;
  • logistics route - cargo transportation can be carried out using sea, rail, road and air modes of transport;
  • additional services - costs may increase when labeling order, certification and other related services.
What documents are needed when transferring goods to a transport company?

These include:

- Technical description for the goods;
- Certificates / declarations of conformity and other permits - if necessary;
- Certificate of origin - if necessary;
- Information about the contract - a unique number assigned by the bank to a contract over 3 million roubles;
- Payment, account statement or application for transfer of funds, proving the fact of payment for the goods, if it is provided for under the contract;
- Export declaration (EX1);
- Price list of the manufacturer, certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the country of origin - if necessary;
- Mandatory labelling of goods with the EAC mark, subject to mandatory certification in the Russian Federation (EAEU), in accordance with the technical regulations (decision No. 711 of 2012 and No. 22 of 2016).

The manager who will deal with your application will inform you in advance about which documents are needed and which are necessary.

Do you collect products from different suppliers in one lot?

TML Logistics has consolidation warehouses, which allows you to carry out warehouse work and consolidate lots before shipping to Russia. Detailed information can be obtained from the manager by phone.